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November 1, 2016


DEOS Training 

Course With michael steacher – Tatour Leiter / Head of Professional Support in mibc Company within a week .

Course Desicription : 

   Projects Visit & Check

(  Iran Insurance Company(Modbus Connection)(24-Oct

( Tehran Stock Exchange(Total Review)(24-Oct

  (  Bocharest Official Building( BACnet to KNX connection)(26-Oct


(7 branch of Pasargad Bank(Remote Maintenance


  Questions & Problems

  Presentation of OPENWEB 8

   Presentation of FUP-XL 2

(  Installation of SRU-KNX and sample programming (training session via Team viewer

  Installation of M-Bus Device and sample programming

  Installation of Galaxy and sample programming

   Installation of LCF Touch Modbus and sample programming

  Installation of TFL24 and connection via  BACnet/MSTP and sample programming

 Presentation of DS-OPEN810 DALI programming via Team Viewer session

   Review the trend data via OPENWEB 8

(   Changing the Analogue Input instead of Digital Input(work on Hardware and Software

(  Changing the 4-20 mA to 0-10V signal(work on Hardware and Software-we don’t have 4-20 mA sensor


Presentation of Integration of subsystems such as CCTV,Fire Alarm,Parking Management System,Voice Evacuation System,… with  BMS Software-we don’t have OPC software if needed


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