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ABB / Smart Touch

ABB – Smarttouch

Product status: available

LEAN- and SMART touch

Harmony of function and design.


ABB - Smart touch




The Busch-Jaeger SMARTtouch not only looks good, it also offers numerous functions for switching and controlling a KNX system. In the process, this versatile display and control unit can be handled simply and intuitively.


According to design, the LEAN and SMARTtouch each offer a number of functions such as switching, dimming, Venetian blind control unit, display of measured values, timer management, lighting scene control, or alarm and fault message displays and saving. In addition, the panel can be used as an ambient temperature controller or timer/alarm clock and has an additional information function by means of which the user can leave messages. Operation is easy and intuitive. With the PDA pen, the functions are performed using the touch screen buttons, which are labelled in plain text. The control of the functions is simplified by a clear menu structure.

Overview of colours.







Practical remote control.

The LEAN and SMARTtouch can be comfortably controlled using an infrared manual transmitter that lets the user control devices or functions remotely. The panel is available as SMARTtouch with colour display for approximately 210 functions.










ABB-Smart Touch


Control via touch screen.

Up to ten touch areas are located on the starting screen of the SMARTtouch; these areas mirror the spatial structure of the house. The ambient temperature and time can be read from the buttons in the footer, which also permit direct access to the integrated single room ambient temperature controllers and timer programs. If the PDA pen touches a touch area on the starting screen, the user gains direct access to the overview of the individual functions of the respective room (e.g. the living room) or the function group.

The current states, like the switch functions or measured values, are displayed in plain text on the display. Through further activation of the respective individual functions, an operating window by means of which the brightness value of the ceiling light can be adjusted, for example, opens. By means of the “Starting Screen” button in the footer, you can return to the starting screen quickly from the control screen.In addition, the LEAN/SMARTtouch has a “childproof lock” by means of which the complete operation can be blocked. The corresponding locking symbol is shown in the header.








Entertainment included.

Also audio and video devices can be controlled by the SMARTtouch and integrated into scenes. In the process, it does not matter whether the integration takes place using the ABB i-bus® KNX or the ABB Powernet KNX system, which uses the existing power line to transfer the data.






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