OPEN 4100 EMS BACnet
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OPEN 4100 EMS BACnet

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OPEN 4100 EMS BACnet

 DEOS - Open 4100

The OPEN 4100 EMS (Energy Management Station) is our powerful product for medium to large-scale projects. As a native BACnet controller, it exchanges measurement and control information to all sensors and actuators for optimum operation. 
You can also configure 2 DEOS OPEN 4100 EMS controllers as a hot standby controller in a redundant system for maximum operational dependability.




Description : 


The OPEN 4100 EMS (Energy Management Station) is designed as a native BACnet controller.

It supports the BACnet protocol acc. to the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard with up to 4000 BACnet objects.



The OPEN 4100 EMS is tested acc. to DIN EN 16484-6 and BTL/WSPLab Test Plan, certifi ed to the rules

by BACnet Interest Group Europe and BTL listed. It has got the AMEV attestation with Bprofi le in the extended version.

The OPEN 4100 EMS supports up to 4000 physical data points.



Icon - mibc        BACnet protocol according to the ANSI/ASHRAE standard

Icon - mibc         up to 4000 BACnet objects  

Icon - mibc         Testing according to DIN EN 16484-6 and the BTL/WSP lab test plan

Icon - mibc         Certification by the BACnet Interest Group Europe

Icon - mibc        BTL listed

Icon - mibc         AMEV attestation with profile B

Icon - mibc          up to 4000 physical data points.




Type Product

OPEN 4100 EMS BACnet



DEOS - AG open4100




Technical Information : 

BACnet – functionalities
The OPEN 4100 EMS supports the BACnet Device Profi le „BACnet
Building Controller (B-BC)“. It can be used concurrent as a BACnet
Server, BACnet Client and BACnet Router.
The following Data-LinkLayers can be used simultaneously:
• BACnet / IP
• BACnet MS/TP Master
• BACnet PTP EIA 232
• BACnet PTP Modem
Moreover it supports the functionality BACnet Broadcast Management
Device (BBMD) incl. Foreign Device Registration for BACnet / IP.
Detailed data for supported BACnet Objects and BACnet Services are
given in the data sheet BACnet Implementation Conformance Statement





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